Amanda's Mother of the Bride quest has begun...

Author: (Amanda Spalding)   Date Posted:2 February 2017

I do not have any children. I do have dogs, and Opal Ewermysunshine has sworn off marriage ever since her boyfriend Zeus (the Doberman next door) left for Tweed Heads 3 years ago! Jasper is too young and not capable of a full relationship!
So, I have been undertaking research with any Mothers of the Bride (MOBs) and Mothers of the Grooms (MOGs) who I can find, and it has been a very illuminating journey.

First of all, I attended a #JAM Orange #small hall live music gig at the Bloomfield Community Hall in Orange where there were 120 in the audience of which more than half were women, and there was only one toilet! This afforded plenty of opportunities for interviewing the women in the queue for their tales of being MOBs or MOGs.