How to maximise style with your plus size evening wear

Author: (Amanda Spalding)


I guess that none of us gets to wear plus size evening wear all that often, so my first tip is – don't try to squeeze yourself into an outfit that used to fit you. For example, my wedding dress (blue dress on left) did fit me 12 years ago! I blame Darrell’s cooking for the change. Another example of a blue outfit that no longer fits me although the necklace, earrings and turquoise toenails help a bit.

In choosing plus size evening wear it is important to consider what kind of event it is and other issues like:
  1. How hot will it be? – Wear light materials if it is going to be hot.

  2. How much sitting down and eating? Wear something comfortable which isn’t tight.

  3. How much standing up? Wear shoes that aren’t cripplingly uncomfortable.

  4. Dancing? Wear shoes that aren’t cripplingly uncomfortable.