Inspirational Travel Outfits for your next getaway

Author: (Amanda Spalding)

I have travelled quite a lot.  As I spent my first 40 years in England, I saw quite a lot of Europe: Belgium, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands (swimming and playing water polo) and Greece and Turkey for my summer holidays.  I loved to watch cricket, so also travelled to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies to watch England play, for my winter holidays.


It was while I was watching England play in Trinidad that I met my future husband as he was an Australian International Cricket Umpire, and is the reason I moved to Australia - and whose cooking has ensured I am a lot bigger than I used to be when I was a single woman, and now I wear plus size clothing!! However, I can hardly blame him for the fact that I am over 40, and stylish.


With Darrell I travelled to cricket destinations, of England, Australia, NZ, SA, plus Italy, Malta, Ireland, Dubai and Sharjah.  Sadly I never accompanied him to India or Pakistan and he does not go to Sri Lanka.  So some of my inspirational travel outfits reflect places I haven’t been, and assistance from my colleagues, Dush, Rajani and Roshan.