The Swish Insider: meet Julie from the Wagga Wagga Swish store!

In today’s Swish Insider issue, we’re moving to Wagga Wagga, NSW, a charming inland city in the Riverina region which straddles the banks of Murrumbidgee River.
Lucky for us, Julie, the Swish Wagga store manager didn’t mind answering a couple of questions as well as revealing her fav Swish picks.

Give it up for Julie!


Hello Julie, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? Please tell us a couple of words about how you’ve become a member of the Swish family.

Welcome to our Swish Wagga Wagga Store!

I am Julie and have worked in the fashion industry for many years having previously owned my own boutique for 16 years and stocking the Swish label for 5 years.  

You can tell it has been a very natural progression to now managing Swish Wagga Store which opened in March 2018.


Who are your customers? Are they mostly from Wagga Wagga or do they come from other cities as well? 

As Wagga is the largest inland city in country New South Wales (also being home to Charles Sturt University Kapooka Army Base and Air Force Base) we have a very diverse customer base. 


Imagine a perfect day in Wagga Wagga… how would you spend it? Would you recommend any hidden gems, known only to a local?

I'd definitely point out Wagga's Botanic Gardens and River Precinct as it is a great way to relax!

Once you lock the door of the store, what do you do after work? Are you more of an outdoorsy type or do you prefer to stay in? 

My husband Ian and I are keen gardeners and enjoy going every now and then to our cabin at Nagambie on the Goulburn River in Victoria for getaways. 

What is your favourite piece from Swish Fashion store? 

My Favourite pieces of Swish clothing are:

57034 - I love the shape of this hibiscus dress!
50060 - very flattering oriental top
50035 - a versatile day to night top 
1006 - must-have basic pant

Next time you visit Wagga, call in and see me and discover our beautiful Swish clothing and accessories and I will help you make the look your own.



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