5 reasons why we love Celeste Barber (and you should too)

She’s smart. She’s priceless. She’s making a point.
If mocking the unrealistic body image we’re being spoon-fed by the media was an Olympic discipline, she would be a multi-gold medalist.

Meet Her Hilariousness, Celeste Barber. The woman who uses frozen pizza and a pair of fishnets to pave the way for a more down-to-earth idea of what female body _really_ looks like.
You might not have heard about Celeste Barber before, but by the time you finish reading this article, you will literally worship her.

We’ve come up with a list of 5 reasons why you should fall in love with Celeste Barber immediately. Scroll down and read on. 

  • 1. She’s the funniest woman on Instagram.

  • Voguing in the kitchen next to the pile of dirty plates, or simply hanging around in an animal print leotard worn backwards, because that’s what a real woman obviously does in her spare time? Celeste Barber accepts that challenge.

    When sexy supermodels meet real life, Celeste Barber happens.  
    She reenacts the most absurd-looking famous photoshoots using commonly available resources (such as her closet and a stack of cardboard) and posts it regularly on her Instagram, as simple and amusing as that.

    But guess what. It’s not Celeste Barber who’s looking silly. The joke in on the beauty and fashion industry instead.

    PS: Don’t just scroll through the photos and videos, the captions are a joy to read, too.

    who is Celeste Barber

    2. She makes a very important point.

    As whimsical as her instagram feed is, let’s set the jokes aside for a minute.
    What Celeste Barber _really_ does (apart from occasionally posing in “half a pair of swimmers, your mum’s shower cap and ill-fitting shoes”) is unmasking just how impossible it is for an average woman to meet the social expectations.  And that leads us smoothly to the next point... 


    3. She helps us embrace our perfectly imperfect bodies.

    Finally, someone has gathered enough courage not only to say out loud but more importantly to show what a woman’s body looks like, with all its flaws and wrinkles. Quite literally, her body is her work tool.

    Celeste Barber has done more to help us accept the fact that women come in all shapes and size than any other body-positive campaign. She basically points her finger at the media and says “I’m the real deal, not you. Now deal with it or get out of my way.”

    Even the celebrities mocked by Celeste want to become besties with her.

    The days of skinny-minnies’ reign are numbered. Celeste Barber is the new sexy. Approved and certified by 5.6 million fans (and counting!) all over the world.

    who is celeste barber

    4. She’s Aussie.

    This one just doesn’t require any further explanation, but no Aussie would want to miss the opportunity to swagger. From now on, when you try to name 3 things that Australia gave the world, think Celeste Barber first and then wifi, Google Maps and vegemite.

    Someone should lock her in a treasure vault and put her on Australia's National Heritage List ASAP. Before she becomes extinct.


    5. She’s multitalented.

    Smart and cheeky, Celeste Barber has it all.
    Her impressive skill set ranges from mastering the art of parody, being a popular actress (The Letdown, All Saints, Home and Away) and comedy goddess (touring with her one-woman-show around the world) to writing a rave-reviewed book on how to become an Ant-it Girl. She’s got the looks and the brains as well.

    The internet should be invented just so that we could witness the epic rise of Celeste Barber. And the equally epic fall of the unrealistic body imagery served to us by the fashion industry.



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